Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Hubby!

Last night, Rich went fishing - after not having been able to go for weeks - and he got 2 BEAUTIFUL trout. He's so passionate about fishing that he didn't mind the f r e e e e e z i n g cold weather.

Here are the beauties - all three of them (I did a good catch, too, many moons ago!:)) (Hey John, we're waiting for you! Is your mouth watering yet?!)
Yep, folks, summer is gone - sigh - and we had the first fire in our fireplace since last winter this morning, when we woke up at 6am to 15degrees C (59 Fahrenheit) in the house - brrrr.

I've got to admit that I dread winter. I am starting to enjoy the seasons again after having lived in the Tropics for so long. But winter is just not *my* season...

Getting up every morning to a freezing house. Having to make a fire first thing and then waiting for it to warm the living area. Venturing out into the cold and often rain to get more wood - often early morning or late night... Freezing cold in the rest of the house for the rest of the day. Getting into a freezing bed at night - no wait, we're gonna have to get those electric blankets out - they definitely help!
I know I'm a wiiiimp...
In the meantime, I will enjoy every minute of sunshine and warmth - 'cuz it's not winter YET, just fall!!!

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Andrea said...

Oh! The fish are beautiful. I have always dreamed of catching cool fish like those. Around here we have Bass and Catfish! That's it. I also want to go to Alaska and watch the grizzlies catch salmon. Crazy, huh?