Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oh, to be 13!!!

This past week has been extremely busy and full, culminating today in Leilani's 13th birthday!!! Go girl!!! We are soooooooo happy you're in our life and family and we love, love, love you! You are an incredible, beautiful young lady with a love for God and for people. You are kind, compassionate, generous, fun- and chocolate-loving, really good with kids and at making brownies... and so much more... but Jeremie wants me to bring him to bed now (that means, tickle his feet while he's going to sleep) and I'd better go - it's becoming rare enough that he asks me these days:).

A few pics of our family birthday brunch, a tradition in our house to mark the occasion (menu as per request by Leilani: coffee-cake, fruit and yoghurt - actually the only thing she requested was the cake):

The girl on the left is Leilani's friend Stephanie, also a half-German - she's celebrated Leilani's birthday with her now for the 4th time in a row - a record for any of our kids!!!

Opening the always-very-special-package from "Mutter" in Germany

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Andrea said...

Love all the new pictures!
Your children are just beautiful!