Monday, April 7, 2008

My Princess-Motorcyclist

Kylie had a very important discussion with me this morning. She wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what she wants for her birthday. She has recently found out that she is 4 and a half!! So, not much longer until her birthday in August:)!
She wants to get a princess crown and a fairy wand from her Dad, some chewing-gum from Leilani, some really, really cool candy from Nathalie, oops, I forgot what she wanted from Jeremie; and from me - she wants a princess dress, a DVD about Jesus and when he died, and a motorcycle. On the motorcycle, we need to write in pink, "The Princess Motorcycle".

She had me promise her tonight that I was going to write it all down, so I won't forget...:)
So, here we go, promise fulfilled!
I had to force myself to stay serious. It was so funny...! At least she's one that knows exactly what she wants. Not like some who don't know what they want 5 days before their birthday... hint...hint...
She's a character, that's for sure - and I love her!!!
Here she is with Daddy's reading glasses:

Enjoying a bath with Shayden

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