Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random thoughts...

I never imagined life with teenagers so much FUN! We've got 3 of the species - well, almost - Leilani will be 13 next week, but she's been acting like one for a while. If you're reading this, kids, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!

Things are sure far from perfect in our house, but overall, I'm really enjoying this stage in life! There's never a dull moment and it's fun watching their lives, personalities and giftings unfold.
There was a time where I felt like the worst mother, and I was pretty bad . . . sorry kids :(

I know that I know that I know that if they turn out well, it's in spite of us as parents - - - and by the GRACE of GOD alone!!!

To get back to my teenager-theme: of course - and by now you may get jealous of me - I've got the best of several worlds.
Not only do I have amazing teenagers, but I get to teach 4-yr-old Kylie how to ride a bike without training wheels (actually we almost all had a part in teaching her yesterday and today!) - and the next minute, I get to teach little 1-yr-old Shayden how to walk (he hasn't conquered that one quite yet).


Another random thought that hit me was a memory of our time in Tahiti. At the moment, Jeremie has a couple of wounds that have to be disinfected and covered up.
This brought memories of years of spending 1/2 hour just about every morning and evening treating the kids' wounds... as they were roaming the tropical nature barefoot... we needed to be extra-careful with cuts etc because of infections.
Between that and endlessly trying to get rid of head-lice - what a way to spend our precious time as missionaries :)

Memories - memories :)

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Andrea said...

Hooray for Mommies who LOVE being Mommies!
I love my stinky little teen-ager,too. :)

People ask me why I do not look my age. I tell them that my kids keep me young, and at the rate we are going...I should be aging in reverse.:)