Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nice work

Jeremie has a passion for working with wood. He is in his last couple of months of school and has just about only the end of year exams left. When we get back from our trip to Germany and the US, he is planning on starting an apprenticeship in woodworks (still has to find a suitable place).

It's a bit of a challenge, since there are not many options in Tauranga, and Jeremie feels to stick around for a bit :)

These two projects are what he's been working on in the last months. Well done, Jeremie!!!

The fur reflected in the mirror is from a rabbit he hunted a little while ago

He doesn't like the shade so much, but it was all he could find (it can always be changed)

Yesterday was the last day of school before a 2-week break. Jeremie will be gone to help with kids camps for most of the 2 weeks - something he enjoys doing just about every vacation.

Jeremie's a great big brother!!!

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