Monday, November 8, 2010

Between ache and adrenalin

I really SHOULD be going to bed, but the good ole' adrenalin is pumping away.

These are very exciting days for me and my heart is about to burst.
Too much to write about all the details but I am blown away by GOD!

All I can say is that HIS HEART is for the orphans, and I feel like there's a wind blowing in the sail of my deepest longings - to be a blessing to HIS "BABIES" that are suffering away unnoticed and seemingly forgotten - but NOT BY HIM!!!!

Last week, Rich and I got our last vaccinations - 4 more (total of 8 for me, Rich already had a few).

Seeing the travel doctor (who administers those vaccinations here) was a bit of a daunting experience.

Possible side-effects this - and that - gotta watch out for day-time mosquitoes cuz they cause this sickness, the night-time mozzies causing that, all these vaccines and medicines for this and that - no drinking any water except for bottled, even for tooth-brushing, no eating this, walking with closed shoes so we won't end up with jiggers in our feet etc etc - - -

I came away thinking:

As much as I don't enjoy all these precautions and meds etc, we are so very blessed to get them in the first place (and to be in a position to buy bottled water etc)

BUT - what about the people who live in the land???? Most of them don't have the luxury of any vaccines, clean water, bug repellent, mosquito nets, shoes, medication for this and that, doctors etc etc.

And it's not like they're immune to those things either ~ ~ ~ no wonder there's so much sickness ~ ~ ~ and people - especially little people - are dying away from these preventable diseases.
So unnecessary!

It's just NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!

My heart is ACHING - HURTING - for them...

Almost half of Ugandans don't have access to clean drinking water!

On the other hand I'm tickled and overjoyed for any extra dollar that comes in to help us provide clean drinking water and other blessings to the orphans.

We've already got one whole suitcase full of medical stuff that Rich has been able to secure - our bedroom is piling up with all the things we'd like to take.

But I'd better get some sleep now - there's loads and loads of stuff left to be done in the ONE WEEK...

Can't wait!

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