Friday, November 5, 2010


WOW!!! The last 24 hours have been AMAZING!!!
Last night at 11pm, Rich and I spent some time in contending prayer for the mountain of financial need for our Uganda-trip to be moved - soon!

I woke up this morning around 4:30am (not my usual wake-up-time).
When I get excited, I can't sleep very well. Even though I've been taking a natural sleep-help, it didn't really help (gotta go a bit stronger from now on so that I can get my sleep - hehe)

Shortly after 5am, the phone rang and a precious childhood-friend from Germany calls
(she pretty much NEVER calls) and we have a wonderful catch-up for an hour - perfect timing, too! If she had called any later, we would not have been able to talk long at all. At the end of the conversation she tells me that her husband and her want to give us a large gifts towards our trip!

What an incredible way to start the day - I was SOOOOOOOOO enouraged!

Later today, we got news from some other dear friends in Germany giving us another large gift and our immediate needs for our trip are covered! WOW WOW WOW!!!

You should've seen me do the happy dance - BIG TIME - today!!!
Rich and I are so relieved for how God has come through - 11 days before our departure!!!!

Now the best was tonight at the Prayer Room where I heard that Jeremie and the team in Tahiti/Moorea are having an amazing time ministering God's love, salvation and healing to our beloved islanders!!! Seems like they received a word in prayer about a lady with a cane - they went out, found her, prayed for her and she was healed - running up and down the street...

Don't know details but it sure made me cry for joy - the kingdom of God in Tahiti - and our son a part of it! YAY GOD!!!!

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Danielle Gordon said...

We are SOOOOOOO excited for/with you! Can't wait to see what Gods gonna do with your time in Uganda. Doing the happy dance with you!