Friday, November 26, 2010

Some bullet points, as time and internet access are both scarce:

  • · On Monday we visited Vision for Africa, a ministry to help orphans started by an Austrian lady in her 60s, absolutely mind-blowing how God has blessed this ministry, they have 5.500 orphans and underprivileged children they are sponsoring, 3 children’s homes, vocational training, hotel and hotel management school plus more. We wanted to see the ministry since it is through them that we’re sponsoring Richard.

  • · Wherever we go, what touches us the most are the local people and their selfless service to the orphans and underprivileged children – we see beautiful solidarity wherever we look, people sharing the little they’ve got, pouring out their lives.
  • Take John (name changed for privacy reasons), for example – grew up in the North, started school only at 10, since the walk to school and back was 10km, had to interrupt secondary school because 3 of his brothers died of Aids and left behind 18 orphans that needed to be cared and provided for. Just finished his university degree after a very long and difficult – often interrupted – journey. Is married with 2 young children, yet caring for many more! He left a stable, well-paying government job to work with Vision for Africa, because he is so touched by their ministry and he wants to give his bit, even though it means his personal struggle for survival will increase.

  • · Don’t have much time left – we’ve been very busy - - - being with YWAM has been – what can I say - can’t find the words – indescribable again! Seen the worst and the best – the worst in terms of people’s living conditions – and the "best" in terms of the YWAM people reaching out – no bias here – will have to write more when more time.
  • We've been doing LOTS of visiting families - those with the "Orphans Know More" network. Just incredible - the dedication - quality of people - couples taking on up to 15-30 orphans in their homes - with minimal support - living by faith - working very hard - serving in YWAM as well - - - many times all I think is - O MY GOODNESS!!!!!!
  • Tomorrow we will have an outing with about 150 of the orphans and their families - NICE FOOD - end of year celebration (they're just finishing school for the year) - Rich and I are in charge of organizing games with the kids - FUN! So we've got to go out now and buy a few more things - should be interesting! Besides having a schedule to visit with 4-5 more families today (all expecting us - no, we didn't make that schedule) - so we HAVE to go or they're very disappointed - it is SOOO special, though, to connect, hear stories, share, pray and encourage.
  • Funny (written with Rich's permission): while at Vision for Africa and hanging out with some boys, they asked Rich straight out: "How come you're fat?" - we cracked up laughing - they were pretty serious - couldn't figure out how somebody could be fat. Next question: "Do you eat lots of chocolate?" cracking up again - then: "Do you have any chocolate for us?" Ohhh, these boys - - - we didn't, but shared our trail mix with them instead. (they'd just had visitors from Germany/Austria that had brought them chocolate etc....)
Well, I've got lots of photos of everything, run out of time. gotta go

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