Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Musings on Missions

Just a few minutes before we'll board the plane for Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) - - -

Thought I'd share some thoughts I had while in our last flight of 14 hours:

I was struck by the absolute luxury and comfort that flying internationally affords us these days as we travel the world in missions. And no- I'm not talking business or first class - just good ole regular economy.

  • Individual entertainment systems with just about any option anybody could wish (still missing the live-webstream from IHOP, though...)
  • The most amazing food (we're flying with Emirates) - WAY better than we eat at home!
  • Non-smoking in the whole plane (I remember getting "smoked" on the flights from Europe to Tahiti)
  • free internet at all the airports with instant access to facebook, blogs, emails - connecting us with friends and family all over the world in seconds.

What a contrast to the old time missionaries that left on boats, using caskets instead of suitcases, as they knew they'd need them - rightfully so... (the Moravians)

Or the Hudson Taylor and company who took long strenuous trips on boats, not coming back home for years - with no other means of communication with people back home than very slow snail mail.

And even Rich and I ~ ~ ~ when we first got to Tahiti 21 years ago - there was no internet, no computers (at least not for us), we couldn't afford a phone and a 1-page fax cost US$30 - so, snail mail was all we had, too - homesick as we were (rather, I was) - - -
We felt very lonely and cut off - it was hard!

OK, we've got to pack up ~ just thinkin...

Missions has never been easier - LET's DO IT!!!! WE CAN finish the Great Commission in our generation - and .... how bout eradicating extreme poverty...

Gotta go.

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