Saturday, January 8, 2011

Broken heart - still

My heart continues to break and grieve for the starving, unloved babies, children, teenagers and adults in Africa.

I find myself overwhelmed with sadness again and again.

It comes at the most unexpected times, like when I get up in the morning.

Other times, it comes when there is a trigger.

Just like grief when a loved one dies.


And they are dying - and I feel it!

My family doesn't always understand why I get very quiet all of a sudden and for no apparent reason and I walk around the house with red eyes.

Until Kylie explains to the older ones who are not always there:
"Mom always cries like that - for Africa."

I can barely even type this post - tears flowing again.

YES, we had a wonderful few days camping! God's creation is so beautiful and we enjoyed family time!

But I just can't shake this burden ~ ~ ~ am consumed by it ~ ~ ~

Constantly praying and thinking, asking the Lord to give me a plan to make a difference.

Got a newsletter today from this ministry in a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, that takes in abandoned babies and cares for them until they can find adoptive families for them.
Here's an excerpt:

"The growing need for homes and places to care for these little children is apparent. Abandonment is on the increase and we are finding that more and more are babies being born via late abortions. Some are surviving,
some are not, many are being found discarded on rubbish dumps. According to the government mortuary, each month 200 dead babies are found in Gauteng alone. This does not account for the 60 babies that are found alive and in need of care. Our passion as always is to save lives."

They also wrote that they are in urgent need for finances to continue running this ministry.

If I could I would just take a plane tomorrow, visit this ministry personally, meet the leaders, staff and babies and then come back home and do what I can to raise money to keep up the ministry.

Then I get news about a lil 4-year-old in Jinja, Uganda (close to the Nile where the photo in header was taken) who just passed away - malnourished - weighing 7kg.

LORD, HAVE MERCY on these little ones!!!!
Raise up an army of loving, caring, generous people to come alongside those who are already serving them, pray for them, and share some of the abundance we have - providing formula, food, water, etc etc...

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