Sunday, January 16, 2011

Funny one...

After posting a lot of heavy stuff

let me tell you something that made us laugh today:

We had gone to the beach - oh glorious summer and awe-inspiring nature!

On the way back, Kylie spotted a dog and as she does with all dogs. she observes them very carefully to make sure they have an owner and are not abandoned.

Well, today she was CONVINCED that this dog was in need of rescuing!
As a matter of fact, she comes to that conclusion in most cases.
And the DRAMA began:

She was BEGGING us to take that dog with us or report him to the animal shelter.

She started sobbing as if the end of the world had come upon us and didn't stop for the next 10-15 minutes, no matter how hard we tried convincing her that he was JUST fine and surely had an owner.

It's quite fascinating, she's got these VERY DEEP feelings for animals that she thinks are in trouble. I guess just like me with the babies and children... 'xcept I manage to hold it in a bit better.

After she had calmed down enough to talk, she started saying, in between sobs:

"I want a dog! I WANT A DOG"

I WANT A G-O-D !!! (spelling it out)

I WANT A G-O-D !!!

Haha! She never realized her spelling error - but something in her obviously knew what she REALLY needed!

Then, as we were in the car, waiting for Rich to get a watermelon at the store for dinner - yumm yumm - Shayden comments:

"Kylie is sad - she's REALLY sad - she wants a HOT DOG!"

Oh, how I love (our) kids!

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