Sunday, February 27, 2011

Please Pray!!!

Could you please join me in prayer for this situation?

Ebel and Lora Kremer are from Holland.

hey did their DTS {Discipleship Training School} with YWAM in South Africa and started building an orphanage at Athi River YWAM base, Kenya.
( 8 homes where local foster parents can give a normal family life to 12 children each)

They were also involved in the children's program for the YWAM base.
The base accommodates 25 staff members and 50 students had just arrived there.

The robbers came into their home around 1 am, shot and killed Ebel, and brutalized Lora,
Their two small children were home at the time. Lora has been to hospital and is now with the kids at friends in Nairobi (50 km away) and prepares to come to Holland where her husband will be buried. He was a former policeman.


Would you please pray with me for Lora and their children? The trauma. The pain. Who can imagine?
The cost of serving Christ can be unbearable.

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