Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sadness - again...

There is that feeling again ~ ~ ~


as our country of New Zealand is in a state of emergency

for the first time - EVER -

after the massive earthquake that hit Christchurch.

It is heart-wrenching to watch the images on TV.

Oh, the heart-ache of so many...!

Lord, you are close to the broken-hearted.

Bring comfort and peace to the mourning.

Strengthen, help and guide all those who are trying to find the last survivors.

Bring good out of this tragedy!

I was at the hospital with Shayden when I found out about it.

My precious little darling is recuperating from pneumonia (we just got home today and he's doing better).

Leilani and Kylie were sick at home.

Rich was just about to the minute finished with his 1 1/2hour exam when the earthquake occurred. He has been doing (very) part time studying over the past year and I am so proud of him passing the very demanding and stressful exam.

He is now officially an Emergency Medical Technician.

YAY!!! Well done, honey!!!

Since then, he's been on the phone almost non-stop to decide about a possible deployment to Christchurch. It's not sure yet, but he will probably go in a couple of days...

Lord have mercy on Christchurch - on our country!

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I will be praying for your sweet country!!