Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another beautiful family

At the moment, our Ugandan son Richard is doing a camp with one of the couples in the "Orphans Know More" network.
I so wish I could be a little mouse at that camp and see/hear what's happenin'... hehe

The leaders of the camp are Dickson and Mabel. They are trained children and youth workers with Youth With A Mission. Dickson and Mabel host camps for hundreds of Ugandan children each year. They do this voluntarily without pay.

They also have adopted four orphaned children in addition to their biological children, and look after a widow, Hilda, and her four children.

Their family has faced serious tragedies, like so many others in Uganda.
Unfortunately, tragedy and death are very common companion to everybody there.

A couple of years ago, their daughter Melissa was killed in an arson fire at her school along with 19 other children, and then last year their daughter Jackie died when the bus taking her to school was hit by a drunk driver.

Dickson and Mabel and their 8 children have been living in an unfinished house with windows missing, a very rough dirt floor, and no electricity. These conditions make it very difficult and their health has suffered.

Although Dickson and Mabel have been trying to complete the house for several years, they are constantly generous to others.

Even in its current condition, their home is a center of life and is full of children from the village.

We were very touched by their warm, loving and cheerful hearts when we visited them last year! And we are planning on seeing them again this year when Leilani and I will be in Uganda.

We have a very exciting project that we'll be planning for together.
Something that God placed on their hearts - and mine - about the same time (about 1 1/2 years ago, a long time before we ever met) - more about that another time.

We would be so THRILLED to bring funds with us towards the completion of their home!

This is the family:

You see Dickson all dressed up - well this is the way that all Ugandans dress when they go to work in an office - we had just come from the YWAM office with him.

As a matter of fact, Rich and I were embarrassed on more than one occasion about our casual dress code. We never expected it to be this way, but the Ugandan men almost always wear dress shirts - poor as they may be. And the ladies also dress nicely in public.

This is the boys' bedroom

This is where the kitchen should/will be

the hallway of the home

the living room

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