Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, it sure WAS a HAPPY MOTHER's DAY for me!

The sweetest gift was Shayden walking into our bedroom this morning - after Rich had gotten up to help Leilani prepare breakfast - (and I got to lounge in bed for a while) - whata treat!

He opened the door and exclaimed:

"Happy Mother's Day, Mummy! - pause -

I love you to pieces!"

Leilani went over the top and worked all day cooking and cleaning etc to give me a day off,

made a beautiful card,

gave me 3 pairs of new earrings

helped Kylie and Shayden make cards -

WOW, girl!

You outdid yourself - once again!!!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for all your love and giving me a day off!!!!

Nathalie and Gideon joined us for breakfast (Lewis was working at the bakery) so all I got to do in the morning before church was enjoy holding Gideon - no dishes, no getting kids ready -

Just enjoying my lil grand-baby!

I must be the most blessed Momma in the world!

In the afternoon, we went to a park -

And GOD was spoiling us with FALL BEAUTY!!!


What an awe-inspiring God you are!!!

Look at what artwork you can create with fallen leaves - gotta love autumn!!
no, we were NOT the artists - somebody else was!

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