Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My man...

Since yesterday - and until the 3rd of June - Rich will only be home just to sleep and have breakfast...

He's running the first ever "Rescue-Net" training in NZ!


It's been a lot of work getting to this place and yesterday, 5 people arrived at Auckland airport from different places (mostly Australia) to help him run the training! They are now doing all the last minute preparations until Sunday, when the students will arrive.

The training is being held at YWAM's training center at Gideon's Heights here in Tauranga ~ and I'm not complainin' ~ that way I at least get to see my man a tiny lil bit every night/mornin'

I'm so proud Rich and so happy to see him thrive in one of his greatest passions

{the other one would be to see revival - still a comin'}

Here he is with Gideon ~ how precious!

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