Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shayden's operation

Tomorrow morning, Rich, Kylie, Shayden and I will travel to Auckland to Starship Hospital.

Shayden is scheduled to have surgery at 12:30pm.

The goal of the surgery is to give him one functional thumb, as at the moment he has none.
His thumb is like another finger and he can't use it to grasp things.

They will take a tendon out of his ring-finger and put in on his thumb.
They will also give him the "web"-type skin next to the thumb.

It will be on his right hand - his better one (which is a slight club hand) and after that he is going to have a cast for his whole right arm for a month.

Could be interesting.

We'd LOVE you to pray for him!

He's already been showing signs of anxiety, even though we haven't been making a big deal about it.

For him, just saying that we're going to Auckland obviously causes some sort of "stress".

This morning he said to Rich: "We gonna stay in trailer (caravan)?
He's possibly thinking that we're going to repeat our USA trip... 

The other night, when Rich and I went out for a date, he was inconsolable (until I proposed a DVD for bedtime story). He thought I was going to leave again for a long time...

Poor thing!

I can only imagine what's going on in his little mind, but one thing is for sure:
He needs our prayers!

He's not been sleeping much - going to sleep at 10pm, waking up at 5-5:30am, and hardly a nap.
Except tonight - he did go sooner.

This is not typical for him.

We will only stay at the hospital one night and should be back in Tauranga on Saturday afternoon/evening.

I'll be updating you then.

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