Saturday, November 5, 2011


THANK YOU for your prayers for Shayden's surgery!

It went as well as it could have possibly gone!

playing the waiting-game isn't hard when you've got the TV to distract you

the inside of the hand before surgery
in the play-room of the hospital

in the hospital-gown now - - - getting closer

Everything was very peaceful and smooth.

happy as can be

getting rolled down to the operating theater - "Where are they taking me?"

just minutes to go - Dad looking funny (ready to go in with him until he's "out", which was only 10 seconds, as he was very relaxed and didn't fight the gas)

Shayden was happy and not at all anxious during the whole time!

No tears - even after he woke up!

just waking up

barely conscious and right away blowing to get the wheel moving

lots of books and his favourite DVD "Chip and Dale" kept him distracted during recovery


What a champ our little guy is - so brave!

And he hasn't even complained about his cast yet

Even though he can barely do anything by himself anymore now.

We even have to feed him

 and give him drinks.

So far - so good!

Now he'll be in the cast for 4 weeks...

THANKS AGAIN, if you've prayed!
We DEFINITELY felt "carried" by God's wonderful PEACE and GRACE!!!

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Kimmie said...

Oh bless you is it going with the cast? sorry I didn't know...we lost our electricity and were forced offline for a long while. Hope you are all doing well and on the mend.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted