Saturday, November 19, 2011


If there is one thing that gets my blood boiling,

it is when I hear about the devil going after people - 

especially innocent children/orphans.

I have just heard about a situation in one of the children's homes that I visited in Uganda that curdles my insides with horror.

Satanists, disguised as ministers, offering to help pay the rent 

- for months already - 

then asking information about the children to share with a group who want to come to Uganda 
(from abroad) 

to help with the ministry, 

reassuring the leader that "they are all good people, they just worship S*tan".

Offering to build a house and give them whatever they need,

wanting to be their friends.

Thank God that the leader was led to discover this.

She has taken a very bold step, as she does not want to be found by these people.

who are now harassing her on the phone.

She is going to take the children and move to a village where she has some land.

With money that she had saved up for a "Discipleship Training School"

and the upkeep of the home for while she was going to be gone,

she has started to build a simple 2-bedroom house in the village.

Now she's run out of money.

There is no roof yet,
Plus, she can barely feed the children, as she spent all she had to get the house built.

Ok, you (secret) readers of my blog,

if there has EVER been a time to PRAY, it is NOW!

This beautiful, courageous woman of God needs us Christians,

worshippers of God

to come alongside her in her intense time of need 

right now!

Things are very challenging for her.

(I'm not sure yet how much more I should share, 
I could tell you her name and show you a photo, just not sure right now)

She is an INCREDIBLE woman, I can assure you!
Her love, faith and sacrifice for the children humble me deeply!!!

I would also like to boldly ask you

to consider giving some money

so that the children can get fed

and the house finished!

C'mon people!

Let's do this and come alongside this most courageous young woman

full of faith

and ease her burden!

Please email me (email at right side bar) and I can tell you how you can give.

100% (minus bank transfer costs) of what will be given will go straight to her


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Kimmie said...


I will pray. May God surprise her as He provides and sustains her in this ministry He has called her to. He is so much bigger than we could ask or think. He is just waiting for us to boldly approach His throne of Grace so He can move in our midst.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted