Monday, October 28, 2013


Did you know that many children that end up in orphanages in Uganda aren't actually full orphans?

Sadly, many times they end up there because their mothers (or fathers) aren't able to keep them 

for different reasons.

Take S, for example:

One of Praise's gorgeous darlings that stood out to me as being very needy,

always wanting to be carried

wanting attention

and crying whenever attention was diverted to another child.

Unbelievably (yet true)

her mother is alive

yet not able to care for her

as the only job she was able to find was being a maid for a family

{no children allowed}

SOOOO SAD that a child needs to grow up separated from her mother

for a salary of

 NZ$60 (US$50, 35Euro) a month!!!

With which she supports 2 of her children who live with family members.



Such a small amount of money

keeping a little girl separated from her mother who loves her???


Actually gets my blood boiling.

Praise has been able to re-unite quite a lot of children with family members over the years,
and it is her on-going desire to have children grow up with family whenever possible,
but it can be difficult, especially when it includes extra-expenses.

The truth is that Praise really needs a woman/mother to stay with her girls, 
as she is short-staffed.

Wouldn't it be SUCH a blessing if S's mother could come to the village and be that person
and at the same time care for her own daughter?

JUST NZ$60/month for salary....

Boy, would I LOVE to see this happen!!!!

PRAYING for GOD to make a way!!!!

It's just a little money standing in the way - no biggie for HIM!

This girl needs her mother and I bet you the mother needs her girl!


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