Thursday, October 31, 2013

When she got mad ...

Ok, I admit it:

 I can't hide my special affection for Praise!
She truly has become a daughter for me that I love more than words can express.

There are more blog posts about my Uganda trip tucked away in my heart 

- waiting to be written - - - 

about other happenings not having to do with Praise and her ministry.

And they ARE coming... at least a few :)

But before moving on, allow me to have a moment of truth - keeping it real on this blog.
Wouldn't want you to think that she's perfect - hahahahaha :)

Living with her for 2 weeks on her home turf has allowed me to get to know her in some ways I had not known her before.

Ok, are you ready?

(and, by the way, I have permission to share this and we've both laughed about it since)

The first time she got really mad was when she felt like the guys who were rescuing us late at night from yet another car breakdown were ripping us off.

no, it wasn't that time

Once again.

...nor this time

no, not this time I said :)


Because they saw a Mzungu (me) sitting in her car.

It really got her blood boiling to have people trying to rip us off,

charging us way more than usual

just because of my white skin.

She was NOT a happy camper and was not going to pay the 



not that time either

... nor this time - remember it was at night?!

Truth be spoken: I DON'T have a photo of 'THAT' time :)

Then, on my last day with the children in the village, I had offered to pay for a special meal.

On the menu:

Rice, meat, matooke (mashed green bananas) and sodas.

After everybody had been served the yummy food,

and Praise saw the portions on the kids' plates

She got mad.

Really mad.

She got on the older children's cases.

About what???

About serving the children too much food.

"That is a REALLY bad thing you've done,



bad thing!"

I was sitting there,


not understanding what they would've done that was SO bad...


And then the explanation came:

"You should have NEVER served everybody SO much food!"



I was trying to calm her down
(without the kids noticing),
thinking to myself:

What did they do so wrong?
The food was there.
And cooked up.
It's not like there's a fridge to keep left-overs.
WHY in the world was it so bad to have served up big portions to the kids???
It was a special-occasion-feast after all?

Then came the answer:

"Who will feed you when your stomachs are all stretched out??!!!"


still happy kiddos that day 

What people get really mad about does show something about them and their world.
Doesn't it?!!!

And that was the day BEFORE Praise found out that the people providing food for the home were going to stop...

(I found out later that she was hoping for the children to eat the left-overs for dinner that day)


I have very different things that I get mad about - - - my kids can tell you about that - hahaha.

And my concern with this daughter of mine is making sure that she actually eats at all.
Like the day I wrote most of this post, I wasn't happy when I found out that she had only had a couple of eggs and a cup of tea all day long...
And by the next day noon - she still hadn't eaten anything else.
And no, she wasn't fasting and praying that time.

OH - life between these worlds!

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Elizabeth said...

thanks for sharing Isabel. as always, inspiring and challenging. (btw is Praise engaged? how exciting) blessings to you all.