Monday, October 21, 2013

Song about Coming Together to Fight Aids

If you haven't seen it already on Facebook - 
here are some of Praise's treasures singing a song.

These are the words 
(in case you can't understand the accent):

"Brothers and sisters, now is the right time to come together to fight Aids.
Children are crying, children are dying, because of parents that died of Aids.

Let me tell you one story about the children who survived.
The mother died, the father died and then the children remained alone.

No shelter, no food, no clothes and everything.
They started crying and some were dying 
because of parents who died of Aids.

Please parents, will you forgive us, we are still young to live alone.
Now if you die, where shall we be? Please parents, forgive us. "

 It REALLY touched me to hear the children sing this song - - - WOW!

Let's do it! 

Can you hear the children challenging us?!!!

One of Praise's teenagers, who is herself HIV+ 

an AMAZING young girl, 

SUCH a sweetheart

here with her little brother

 has a strong desire/dream to educate women on how NOT to pass on the virus to their children
(which is what happened to her and her brother).

She even shared this in front of a big church on my first Sunday there, 
while Praise and the children were ministering.
It moved me to tears....

She is very courageous and has huge potential!!!
I am praying that her dream will cone about!

I wouldn't want to think what would've happened to her had Praise not taken her on.
She was very very sick in hospital with Aids-related issues last year
and thankfully she survived and is doing much better now
though still fragile.

Here is the song:


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