Friday, August 17, 2007


I can't believe I actually get to blog! WOW!
After a bad night with Shayden waking up crying 3 times (there was a horrible storm howling all night right onto our bedroom - I thought the roof would come off any second!), the house is quiet now!

The kids are all at school, Kylie at kindi and Shayden asleep - and since I cancelled my other babysitting 'cuz of Shayden's bad cold/cough, I AM BY MYSELF IN THE QUITE HOUSE! !
It feels AMAZING!!!

Before I get too excited, I better have some breakfast and do the dishes - LOTS of dishes.
Our dishwasher just "died" on us last night.
Good thing it's not ours but the landlords' - they will hopefully fix it or replace it (most likely) VERY SOON!!! Never needed it more than now :)
I guess there are good things about not owning your own home - every time somethin' needs fixing (which is quite often around here), all we have to do is call the landlords! YAY!

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