Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rich just about to leave

It's been a trying (and tiring) last few days. Shayden has been very challenging - I think he may be teething. Sleeping badly, being fussy and even running a fever - - - and throwing up more than ever. Some days I feel like I can do hardly anything but take care of him (and the laundry!).

Of course that affects the rest of the family, and Kylie - who has also not been feeling well again - acts up - and then sleep-deprived me acts up - - - and stressed-out-with-computers-not-working Rich acts up (good thing the teenagers are behaving decently at least). I leave it up to your imagination what "acts up" means (nothing too horrible, to assure you :))

Rich is leaving for Fiji tomorrow - I'm gonna miss him - it'll be so full-on with me having to run the "show" by myself and we've hardly had any time with each other since his last trip.
Yes, we have wondered if it was the right decision to take in Shayden- - -
But then again, when we were in Taupo for that week-end, I felt God whisper to me that it was the right decision.

He also whispered to me that I shouldn't be afraid of pain (the pain of missing Rich, of having to go through difficult times, of giving back Shayden one day ... etc).

He also told me some more things (very reassuring). So, I've got to keep those things in mind when the going gets tough. And if you don't hear from me, just remember me (and Rich) in your prayers :)

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