Sunday, August 5, 2007


Today is a day of rest, after a very busy week (with Jeremie and Shayden sick), culminating yesterday in Kylie's birthday.
Yep, our little girl turned 4!!!

Her actual birthday is on August 13th, but we advanced it so that Rich could be there for it. We had a nice party with a few kids. It was fun seeing Kylie enjoy her first real party! Her favorite part (besides the gifts) were the games! We had a lot of fun and it was a blessing that Shayden was happy the whole time. He sometimes doesn't handle a lot of people (and noise) very well.

Here are some pics:

This is Kylie opening the package from her grandma in Germany - a favorite of every birthday!
What do we have here? Oh, an apron - WOW - to help Mommy cook and bake - and lots of other goodies - for the whole family

This is Kylie with her favorite gift - guinea pig Toby (she chose the name all by herself). She now has both of her main prayer requests answered - a baby and a guinea pig!

Toby close-up

Kylie's flower cake - made mostly by Leilani

Rich with Shayden yesterday

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