Friday, August 15, 2008

Last day of kindergarten

Kylie's 5th birthday also marked the end of her kindergarten days. She had a special "ceremony" at the end of the session where she got to sit in "the special chair", wear the special hat she had made that morning, share her favourite memory from kindi, sing a song, answer 3 questions from the other children (like what her new school is, what her teacher's name is, etc), receive a card and give a gift and card to the kindergarten.
At the end, she stood at the gate as the children were leaving, giving them each a home-made gingerbread man as a good-bye gift.

She'd had a fantastic time at the kindergarten and was sad to leave - - -
One of her teachers reading the card they'd made for Kylie - and then:
Kylie choosing her favourite memory of her time at kindi - by looking at her folder - and then sharing with the class
Offering ginger-bread men to all her friends
... helped by her sisters who had come along... (brother was at school)

Bye Maungatapu Kindergarten (morning sessions)

Kylie will miss you

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