Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nathalie's leaving soon...

There's nothing like sitting down on the computer with a piece of black forest cake on a Sunday night after what seems like a whirlwind of a week (another week)!

Shhhh - - - don't tell the kids I'm breaking my own rules and eating next to the computer :)

The two little ones just went to bed, Rich took off to a meeting with the DTS leaders and the teenagers left for Sunday night church. Before I crash into bed (VERY soon!), a little update for you blogging friends...

Nathalie is leaving for the US and the Germany a week from tomorrow (for 7 months!) and we put on a farewell/fundraiser party for her this afternoon. She will first visit her grandparents in the US, then her family in Germany and after that she'll be off to Herrnhut (Germany, birthplace of the Moravian missions movement) where her "Discipleship Training School" with YWAM will start on October 4th.

We had the party at the children's ministry venue of our church and I decided to treat about 40-50 people to German baking - hence the leftover black forest cake I'm munching on right now.

As you can imagine, this was a LOT of work - but worth it all!

It didn't help to have 2 almost sleepless nights leading up to today. I spare you the details...

Suffice to say I am absolutely exhausted - just the right mood for blogging:) (I do it when I'm not up for doing anything else, it's relaxing).

We had a good time of fellowship, eating and drinking, watching a movie clip about the YWAM base in Herrnhut, some fun with giving Nathalie a few (more or less) useful gifts, some questions and answers and a special time of prayer. She is also a little over NZ$300 closer to her goal of about NZ$4,000 needed funds for her outreach fees (don't know where to yet).

It is quite incredible how the Lord has already provided for her flight to Germany and the lecture phase of the school through many generous donors!!! She has been volunteering at our church since January and not been able to earn money for it, so this has been an extra-special blessing!!!
Some of the food and some of the guests

Guess who this crazy young lady is? No, it's not Nathalie! Did we have fun or what?!!

As we are about to send Nathalie across the oceans, others are arriving in Tauranga to do the exact school she'll be doing in Germany. A couple of the new students actually joined us this afternoon. One of them is from Paraguay and just arrived today for the DTS that will start tomorrow!

Rich wasn't supposed to work with the school (run by Impact World Tour), but was asked a couple of weeks ago to be involved, since they needed more staff. So here he goes, the next 3 months are going to be very intense. What's new?! It'll be good! Expectations are high - - - more soon...

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