Tuesday, November 18, 2008


... and needing PRAYER!

"Bless the Lord, o my soul .... who heals all of my diseases."

That's what I was reading this morning and claiming for myself.

YET - I feel I that we need some BIG TIME help in prayer to make it.

Went to the doctors - again - this morning because Kylie had become REALLY hard of hearing over the week-end. She was diagnosed with ear infections in both ears and put on a a second round of antibiotics in 3 weeks (she just finished the first round for her cough last week!)

She hasn't had an ear infection in MONTHS - - -

The doctor doesn't seem to be able to figure out what my problem is. Thought I had asthma, which I have never had and don't think I have. Gave stronger antibiotics and steroids.

Side effect of steroids - all kinds of miserable stuff, also insomnia - so that's why I am writing this in the middle of the night - can't sleep - not good!

I think I'm not going to keep taking the steroids.

Hard call, since i do need to get better.

I haven't been sick like this in YEARS - - - it's coming up to 4 weeks!

And we're leaving in 3 days.

Lord, have mercy on us - WE NEED TO BE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nathalie said...

dear mom!

so sorry to hear your desperate situation!!!
i am very angry at the enemy for striking at you now (although we should be used to it really, he always knows when to strike) :(

But i am praying for you and kylie and for the whole family as i know how stressed you must all feel right now :)

love you!