Thursday, November 6, 2008


Rich was not even home one day - - - and he came down sick.

Something totally different than what Kylie and I have, but still sick.

Kylie is getting worse and started antibiotics.

Leilani had bad dreams and bad pains.

I was feeling worse, too.

Rich and I got so fed up and mad this morning and had a "violent" time of prayer to rebuke this attack of sickness on our family.

At the same time, we prayed for other things, including provision of finances for some urgent needs.

A few hours later, we get a phone call from a friend. He asks for our account number because he wants to give us a financial gift - a VERY generous gift. We are overjoyed and thank God!

Not long after that, we get another phone call from the same friend. He took the money he was going to put on our account out of the bank (plus more for himself) and before he could deposit the money, he got robbed! His whole wallet, all the money, all his cards...

I AM MAD!!! Mad at the enemy - - - what a thief!

I hate it when people that are so generous - and those who support us - get attacked in their finances!!! It is just not right, and we will intensify our prayers, that's for sure!

If it is the backlash from Rich's time of ministry in New Caledonia or what, I don't really care.

We have GOT to see healing in this family - and provision - and the restoration of what was stolen from our friend.

And we WILL see them!


In closing, a little quote from one of our YWAM-teachers that I was thinking of today:

"You have either just come out of a trial,

ARE in a trial, or

are just about to enter a trial."

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