Friday, November 21, 2008

Last minute update

We are leaving in just a few hours...

Just letting you know that we were definitely able to see the effect of your prayers!
ThANK YOU SO MUCH for praying!!!

In spite of more sickness (1-day stomach flu) for me - and Rich a little - WE ARE JUST ABOUT READY. Exhausted, but ready.

Just have to do last minute packing, washing of sheets etc, then clean the whole house and mow the lawn.
Oh - and Rich has one last breakfast with his small group from the DTS...

Thank God for different help he sent this week - especially with babysitting!!!

In the midst of all the craziness - including getting a short DVD made up, yes, I know, last minute... we've been trying to do it for weeks but it just wasn't possible - Shayden gave me a special gift: he said "Mamma" for the very first time!!!! Isn't that sweet?!!!!

I've been trying to teach it to him for well over a year now...
It sure made this Mommy's heart melt... He's so cute!!!

Until last week, he hasn't been able to say the sound "m" - even after lots of practicing with speech therapist and all. Then, his first word was "more", as I was feeding him some yummy pear that he wanted more and more of...

Anyways, thanks again for praying - and please keep it up! We need all the help we can get to arrive in Germany in one piece - oops, I mean 6 pieces - haha - besides the 9 pieces of luggage - 4 of them for Shayden:) - plus handluggage

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Trena Wanless said...

Yay, I'm so happy that he called you Mamma!!! That's so great. I'll be praying for those travelling mercies!!!