Sunday, May 24, 2009


The engagement party last night was GREAT! Even though we were busy right up to the last minute with all the preparations, we weren't stressed (besides Kylie's constant crying of pain with her earache that we've been treating now for so long...).

It was fun seeing so many people dressed up in amazing constumes - Rich's and mine were probably the simplest ones:)

Food and fellowship were great - had speeches from both of Lewis' parents, Rich, myself, Leilani (an AMAZING speech!!!) Nathalie, Lewis and a few others. We had a quiz about Nathalie and Lewis' love story... lots of laughs - in short - a wonderful celebration - oh yeah, and lots of gifts!

After not sleeping most of the night (I was too wound up and Kylie was quite sick still, crying a lot), I stayed in bed until 11:30 this morning - which I NEVER do!!! Felt like a truck had run over me and I couldn't make myself move or open my eyes. Thank you, hubby, for taking care of the kids this morning!

Photos to come soon

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