Saturday, May 30, 2009

'lil update

As you can see, I've taken a little time to work on my blog today. Can you see some of my passions expressed?!

Rich just brought our friend John from Tahiti, who's been with us since Monday, to the bus. He's flying out to Hong Kong later tonight where Rich is headed as well tomorrow.

It's gonna be an exciting, history-making time for them at the Call2All! Part of me wished I could go, too, the other part is quite happy to stay back home - especially with the way I've been feeling...

Rich will be gone for 2 weeks and I'll miss him!

After the Call2All, there will be leaders meetings for IWT (who we work with) in HongKong, followed by a church-based IWT outreach in Singapore. Should be fascinating for Rich - his first time in Asia (besides our stop-over in Japan on our way to Europe).

Right now, he's desperately trying to get the heater going, that we bought second-hand - for the times I can't be bothered to haul in the wood and get the wood-burner going (like at 5:30am in the freezing cold and rain - when I'm sick...)
Hopefully he'll get it figured out!

Here are a couple of photos I was going to post already before last week and didn't get around to:
Kylie DID finally lose that first tooth - sorry the photo isn't the greatest, but you get the point :)

Kylie is slowly getting better. I had to take her to the ear-nose-throat specialist on Tuesday and she got a lot of icky, sticky liquid sucked out of both ears - yuck - she was so brave!!! She also got some other drops. We'll have to go back on Tuesday to see how her ears are healing. So far, it looks better than for a long time...

And this is Jeremie with his new scooter! It was given to him by a friend because it was broken and he didn't know how to fix it. He told Jeremie he could have it if he could fix it. After a week of working on it - with the help of our amazing neighbour - it RUNS! YAY!!!

Now Jeremie "just" needs to find a job for the next month (or some miraculous provision) so that he can pay for the expenses of his missions-trip to Fiji in July - and all will be "in butter"... sweet!

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