Monday, May 25, 2009

Photos of the Engagement Party

I am just recuperating from a bad cold - oh, can't wait for summer - and it's just barely winter...

Here are the promised photos:

The guests were asked to put notes on the little sticky stars and put them on the pinboard - wishes, advice, prayers for Nathalie and Lewis ...

Fred/Rich welcoming people to "da pardyy" - appetizers served on the right (can't see)

Here they are - - - - drumroll please - - - Peter Pan and Tinkerbell :)

The Hayward-family
Pocahontas/Lewis' sister Cherry - and Rapunzel/Kylie

Holli (Lewis' sister), Emily (Nathalie's friend that's getting married to Lewis' brother in a month) and Nathalie

Lewis' grandparents that came from Auckland - some uncles/aunts came as well

Yours truly - Wilma and Fred, the Flintstones

Rich with our Fijian friend Kolinio

Jeremie (one of the lost boys in Peter Pan) and a special friend

Best dressed - got a "special" prize

This was one of the fun-areas for younger guests - in our office - besides the Wii-game set up in Jeremie's room (both borrowed for the occasion)

Special: To have a tahitian guest for the party who managed to come for just the few hours of the party while on transit in NZ (he likes to stay anonymous and without a photo)

Funny: When I put Kylie to bed, she asked me, with a tinge of disappointment in her sweet voice: "When are Nathalie and Lewis gonna kiss on the mouth?"
She can't wait for the wedding :)

Sad: The venison meat that supposed to be part of the menu (hunted by Lewis) got eaten by his neighbour's dog who came into his (unlockable) house, opened the fridge and ate a lot of it (the rest got spoiled by being left in the open fridge all day)

Extra-special : Both fathers praying for the young couple at the end of the evening

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