Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wisdom from a 10-year-old

Yesterday, Shayden's oldest sister Kaycee came and had a visit with us. She is 10 and has gone through WAY too many horrific things that she should have never gone through in her short life.

At one point, Kylie was having a trantrum (yep, sorry to report. it's still happening regularly...).
Kaycee reacted right away, telling her with almost a "motherly" voice: "You've got to leave your past behind!"
As Kylie was still wailing on, she insisted,"It does no good hanging on to your past. You've GOT to leave it behind!"

As funny as this was for me to listen to, thinking of Kylie leaving her past behind (she just had a stinking fit) - - - isn't it so very sad that such a small girl has to deal with leaving her past behind...

She still hasn't found a permanent home and has been going from home to home for 5+ years. Hopefully the couple she is with now will have the grace to keep her!
I am delighted they are Christians and have already introduced Jesus to Kaycee - HE's her only hope for a bright future!

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