Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lazy/sick day

Today was probably the most relaxing day I've had in a while.
I/we invite guests for Sundays most weeks and as I was pondering if I should invite somebody, I felt to leave the day free.
Good thing!
Kylie (and I) had a pretty miserable night, with her being really sick.
Today, she still had a bad sore throat, constant runny nose, fever, tummy ache and vomiting -couldn't keep any food down all day - really miserable little girl!

So I installed her on the couch and pretty much stayed with her all day.
Jeremie and Leilani offered to take Shayden to church (Nathalie was service-directing) and drop him off at the nursery, which was nice of them, so that I could give Kylie a little extra attention.
So far, I have never left Shayden at the nursery, since the kiddos have to be able to walk and you know from my previous post how wobbly he's still been on his feet just recently (though he's getting more stable every day!). Plus, I like to stay there with him :) - I will probably start helping out there again.

I was a bit nervous about leaving him but felt right to try it. It seems that it went quite well, except that he had a fall and got a bump on his head with some tears just before Leilani picked him up ...

After Shayden was off for his nap, I went to rent a few DVDs for Kylie - to the family's suprise!
I am known for not being into DVDs much and don't (hardly) ever rent any, but I just knew how much it would mean for Kylie to be distracted in this way. And it worked!
She even said it helped her feel better! YAY!

It was a special treat to receive a phone call from Rich and he was able to talk with Kylie for the first time since he left a week ago! He was even able to pray with her on the phone, which was special! Seems that he was also sick in the night - some kind of food-poisening...

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