Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's happening in Hong Kong with Call2All

This is from the call2all website - a report on the first day of the Congress that Rich is at:

Historic Congress Begins!

About 3,000 ministry leaders from more than 100 countries united in Hong Kong this week to strategize for the completion of the Great Commission.

In what might be one of the most significant meetings of its kind, the Call2All Congress in Hong Kong will affect missions for years to come. There is a growing sense among Christian leaders that God is calling the Chinese church to take a new place in world missions.

Call2All President Mark Anderson (also founder and leader of Impact World Tour - added by me) said, “I believe we are going to see the destiny of the Chinese church moving into a new phase. Great numbers of Chinese missionaries will help lead the way in the next phase of world missions.”

The first day began with a solemn assembly of prayer, where God healed historical wounds and brought the various delegates together as one before Christ. In a moving time of confession , a British business man asked Chinese leaders on behalf of his county for forgiveness of the sins committed during the Opium Wars during the mid 19th century. With tears in their eyes, Christian leaders from China extended forgiveness and in return expressed gratitude for the many missionaries that were sent from the West.

Later in the day, delegates were introduced to one of the largest maps in the world ever printed. All 3,000 in attendance were able to walk on the map and pray over 4,000 locations, committing to go wherever God would send them. Using posted notes they wrote their commitments and stuck them on the map.
This massive group of Christian leaders then began to walk back and forth across the map of the world, as well as circling it, declaring the greatness of God over the nations. Together they pledged obedience to God’s Great Commission.

To cap off the day in the evening Dr. Steve Douglass, President of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Dr. Thomas Wang, Founder/ Director of the Chinese Christian Mission addressed the delegates. Both declared boldly the reasons why they believed the Great Commission can be completed in our lifetime.

So much happened the first day, that many in attendance commented, "We feel like we have experienced a whole conference in just the first few sessions." The consensus among the delegates was that their lives and view of the world would never be the same.

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