Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sailing again...

As I am typing, Rich, Jeremie and the others are sailing from the first island they ministered in to the second one. It is normally a 8hour sail. Rich said that they had strong winds yesterday, not such good conditions...

Lord, I pray that you would calm the winds and give them a smooth trip!

They had a VERY good week. They treated about 50-60 patients daily in the villages and performed 10 eye-operations a day, as well as providing countless people with prescription and reading glasses.

Jeremie and the construction team were able to make 4 water containers with local materials. That's GOOD, since many health issues stem from polluted drinking water because of the dirty plastic containers that are holding the water.
Not only do the islanders now have the new containers, but they know how to make more themselves whenever needed (the team left a mold), instead of waiting for a boat to come by with a new plastic one.

I think that's WONDERFUL!!!!

They will be doing the same thing in the next island. Go boys, GO!!!

Jeremie is well again - it was only a 24hour bug. Praise God!

No more news from this 2nd phone call, since we have to keep it short and Rich also wanted to know how things were going at home; which took a while to explain, because it's been quite a week. Maybe more on that another time. Got to go...

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