Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A call from Manila...

Rich's two weeks in the Philippines are just about finished and I'm looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow night!!!

He called me this evening from a HUGE mall close to the airport in Manila.

It was surreal.

I could hear the back-ground noise of the mall (he was skyping from an internet cafe) while I was just lighting the fire in our fireplace and getting dinner ready.

AMAZING - how 2 so different worlds can get connected so easily nowadays!!

I remember when we first moved to the islands, we didn't have a phone, let alone computer or internet - and the only way of communication was snail mail...

I'm sooooooooo glad things have changed - hehe!!!

Rich LOVED his time there! His favourite part was praying with/for people during the altar calls! Even saw some healings! GO GOD!!!!

Here are a few photos - taken by Jenny Mollison - to give you just a little "taste" :)

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