Friday, July 2, 2010

Impact World Tour in the Philippines

Rich left home more than 2 full days ago ~ ~ ~

By now, he SHOULD have arrived at his destination in Mindanao, Philippines.
Haven't heard from him yet - still waiting "patiently".

He will help launch the "Impact World Tour" in the Philippines (he'll be there for 2 weeks).
Watch the video below and you'll know what it's all about!

No, he will not do the preaching, he's one of the guys behind the scenes, but VERY vital - especially when you look at events with hundreds/thousands of people.
And, he will also be ministering to the people that will come to know Jesus, praying for them etc.

Exciting stuff!

Praying for safety, health and a POWERFUL time, as the Gospel is presented!!!!
(will update the blog as soon as I find out more - and I get a free minute)

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