Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kylie cracks me up!

Kylie presented us with this "story" that she claims is true.

I don't have a clue if this is her prophetic gift in action or what ~ ~ ~

You must forgive her spelling - we're still working on that part of her writing - hehe

Here's my gift of interpretation in operation:

Title: Adopted children

There once was a girl who was called Isabel. She wanted to adopt 7 children. But she had no money. That was the problem.

When Leilani asked her if that decoration at the bottom of the page was a butterfly, she said: "No, it's an aeroplane!"

It totally cracks me up that she would write this!!!

I REALLY DON'T TALK to people - let alone Kylie - about my desire to adopt more children.

She doesn't read my facebook comments about adoption - nor my blog.

We definitely don't EVER talk about lacking money to do anything - especially adoption!

Where does she get this from?

Maybe from God???????

I've been THINKING about adoption again lately - even though it doesn't make any sense, if we're meant to do something with African orphans ~ ~ ~ especially since we can NOT adopt from Africa at all as NZ residents.

To top it off, I get an email from one of my German nieces today.

She had a dream about me - first one ever.

She saw me in a boat with 12-tuplet babies (does that word exist???)

Then I remember a dream that another acquaintance had of me about a year ago or so:

I had asked her to come and baby-sit for me (which I never have). When she came over, there were not the 5 kids she expected, but 20!!! She was a bit overwhelmed with all the work involved to care for them all...

Hmmmmmm ~ ~ ~ interesting ~ ~ ~ something to ponder on!
Quite exciting actually!

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