Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great first report...

... from the Philippines!

Rich wrote a short email last night (he only gets back to a computer after I'm already in sleepy-land) saying that he went to a school outreach with one of the 3 teams yesterday. There were 2,000 students - most of them responded to the Gospel presentation! YAY! Go, God!

It is a very poor area - and I can just imagine how easy it would be for young people to BELIEVE in God's love. They've got nothing to loose - everything to gain! (and I know that the Gospel is preached in a very radical way, not focusing on what we can get out of it, but us laying down our lives etc)

I remember ministering in another part of the Philippines many years ago - and people would literally follow our team, pretty much begging us to tell them how to become Christians! It was quite amazing!

"Blessed are the poor..."

Lord, continue to protect, anoint and use the teams as they go out daily - to bring hope to the hopeless, life to the "dead" - love to the downcast - you, JESUS, to the lost!!!

I woke up early today with a dream in which Loren Cunningham (go figure, NO IDEA why I had a dream of him!!!) said with great urgency in his voice: "The time is NOW to bring in the harvest. It is URGENT. Time is short!"

All I can say is - YEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

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