Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amazing Study Tips

For some of you, this may be news:

I am going to home school Leilani again - starting ~ ~ ~ TOMORROW!!!

It was her who insisted on coming back home, as she really wants to concentrate on her studies and gets too distracted by fellow-students at school.

So here we go - another adventure!

It's been a VERY intense 5-6 weeks since we made that decision, getting ready, having to do a crash course as her supervisor, getting an exemption from the ministry of education, ordering materials etc.

I never wanted to home school. Thought I'm not cut out for it.

And I have already home schooled for 6 years (in the past).

I never thought - EVER - that I could home school a high school level! NEVER wanted to do that!

And now we're doing it.

Hmmmmm ~ ~ ~ amazing how we can get stretched ~ ~ ~ and learn SO MUCH in the process!

I'm actually quite excited about it! We are under the umbrella of Home Schooling NZ and the materials we will use will permit Leilani to work mostly on her own. OUFF!
Through this programme, she will be able to gain university entrance - both in NZ as well as in the USA.

In the process of preparation, I came across some outstanding information on different study tips from Terry Small.

Leave me a comment (or send me an email - as some of you do) - and I'll send you a word file with a summary of the most interesting facts and tips for studying more effectively and efficiently! Just HAD to share... It is FASCINATING and I wish I had known this information a LONG time ago!!!


Christine said...

Cool. I am looking into homeschooling one of my kids.

Danielle Gordon said...

Funny how God gets us doing stuff we said we could never do! I too, was never gonna homeschool. Then I was never going to do it through highschool. Bet he's laughing at us! I'm definately not going to do it through tertiary though!!

Sara B said...

I want the tips... :)
I think you will be a great HS teacher...I'm sure better than several of mine. If you get mad, don't throw the eraser at her like my math teacher did (or one day he flipped his desk over).

Isabel said...

Sara B - would love to send you the tips - just leave your email address.

Danielle, we've GOT to catch up sometime soon!

Christine, i LOVE your family - you must be an amazing woman!!!

Kimmie said...

How exciting! Following God is always the best way to walk in all of His blessings. May He bless your homeschooling and may the Holy Spirit teach you too as you follow Him.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted