Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My heart's been SOOO heavy - and my body SOOOO weak.

 I am really struggling to readjust after this trip.

Yesterday was my birthday - spent most of the day laying around - resting, grieving.

What made my day

and caused the biggest laugh I can remember in a long time

was my sweet Kylie's note for my birthday:

 In case you can't read it:

I love you, Mom.
You are the bravest Mom I know.
You go to dangerous places
you have a kind heart
but sometimes you leave the hard jobs to Dad.

Happy birthday!

When I asked her later what she meant by me leaving the hard jobs to Dad
(she was in school when I read the note),
she said, 
"Oh well ~ ~ ~ you know ~ ~ ~ taking care of us kids!"

I KNEW it (that's why I laughed so hard!) !

What does the proverb say:

"A cheerful heart is like medicine!"

Sure was for me yesterday!

Oh, how I love (my) KIDS!!!

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