Monday, March 5, 2012

What a SURFING trip!

I've never been much of a swimmer.

Let alone a diver.

A surfer? NO WAY!

But having spent 12+ years in the Pacific Islands and now living close to a great surf-spot, I do understand a few things about surfing.

This picture best describes my trip to Uganda:


There are several elements involved in surfing.


You've got to swim out from the beach to where the waves break.
Sometimes this can be quite far and tiresome - swimming against the tide.
But you're in your element (water) and it's enjoyable.


.. .the "wrong" waves.  They're not the right ones - maybe too small or not going in the right direction, so you dive under and don't try to surf them cuz you're on a mission and want to ride the "perfect" wave.


 A big one starts building up, looming up before you and fear may creep in.
If you mess up, it could drown you. You might feel overwhelmed.
It can be scary.


When you DO catch that perfect wave and ride it - 


the exhilaration is INDESCRIBABLE to anything you've ever experienced!!!

Or you can call it - finding yourself in the very center of God's will for you and living out your destiny, which includes who you are - who God made you to me, with the dreams, desires, giftings - 
and in my case, a few decades of "sharpening", too.... haha

This morning, I've arrived back at the beach, so grateful for HIS protection
{cuz people do get hurt in surfing, too.}

It's been a work-out - and I am tired.

Felt sweet FATHER's voice whisper to me:


Was so tickled - just like a little girl with her father.

After laying in bed for a while, communing with him, I felt him 

Oh, HE so so melts my heart with HIS LOVE!

And then, a little later that still small voice came again:


And I will - you betcha!

There are many stories to come and many photos.

In a couple of hours, I will start my trip back,

stopping for one last meeting with a Pastor friend.

Our Ugandan son Richard is planning on coming to the airport to see me off.

Then to Ethiopia, Dubai, Brisbane, Auckland - and HOME!

If you have prayed for me during this time,

I have seen God work out so many details and help me so much at critical times,
There's no 2 ways about it: This was a GOD-ordained, - orchestrated and blessed trip!

Would appreciate prayers - for my journey back home (that I get some sleep)
 and for my re-entry at home.
This can sometimes be the most challenging part of it all.

SO SO looking forward to being with my family again - they've been absolute champions, 
the whole family - working and sacrificing to take care of the little ones and run the household!!


MUCH LOVE to each and every one of you, my beautiful family

and to you who have prayed!

Oh, I've got to share this one more thing that has encouraged me HUGELY as I try to "digest" what I have witnessed, seen, heard, felt, smelled...

The daughter of friends (she and her husband work in Cambodia with YWAM) sent me a facebook message a few days ago, at a perfect time. Even though we hardly have any contact with each other, she felt to pray for me. She told me a bunch of encouraging things and then, very specifically.


"... He put lots of things on my heart to pray over you but I got this one specific picture of strong hands holding someone (didn't actually see who was inside of the hands)... 
I saw the words FATHER's hands and felt like God said: "Tell her that: I know. I am more than aware of the things on your heart, I see it all - even more than what you see, I feel, I LOVE each one that you love and I love you". 

The hands were actually black/brown...not white...thought that was interesting when I found out you were in Africa! They were very strong, trustworthy and hardworking hands. Father's hands."

End of quote


Amazing what God does! Seems so random - but so incredible encouraging!
This picture of FATHER's HANDS has been continually before me and I am comforted to know that 


And his hands are not idle, nor indifferent.

HE is at work ("hard-working") - 
let each of us yield to HIS workings in our lives so that HIS hands can become TANGIBLE hands reaching out to these most desperate precious precious people in such humungous need!!!

Gotta add the photos of these 2 kiddos - orphans taken care of by their grandmother 
(we're trying to find sponsors for them)

The grandmother has recently lost her lively-hood as her hands won't allow to do do weaving anymore (she was making and selling mats) - as a matter of fact, I found out the next day that she really needs to see a doctor. There seems to be an infection. But she has no money for the doctor.

These 2 will only have a chance for a future if SOMEBODY steps up, steps in:

When we did the sponsorship applications this week, the rule was just to take one child per family.

So this grandmother chose Promise. 

Let me present her this beautiful girl with such a promising name:

But when I saw her little brother Ronard, I just couldn't resist and took down his photo and info, too.

Found out later, that just before I spoke out that we'll try and find a sponsor for him, too, his grandmother (see photo below) was just talking with Jane, our amazing YWAMer {in Lugandan} 
and saying, "What's gonna happen to this one?"

Anyways, gotta get ready to go.

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Elizabeth said...

dear Isabel, your trip has been amazing - thank you for sharing with this fantastic blog (you really are a great blogger btw).
May you know the Lord's protection and provision as you return home. I fully understand about the re-entry after Africa.
Much love to your Ugandan and NZ families xxx