Saturday, March 10, 2012

HOPE arising!

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world, when he could do something about it, 
but I’m afraid He’ll ask me the same question.” 


As I am still struggling to digest my recent heart-breaking Uganda-experiences,
I need to lift up my spirits tonight.

I'm by myself, Rich is working a night-shift at the ambulance,
the kids are gone or asleep.

And my thoughts drift to Lydia...

If you've been following my blog for some time, you'll remember me first meeting this young widow in December of 2010. 

Well, SOMEBODY did decide to DO SOMETHING to be Jesus' outstretched hands to this precious woman - and she is in a COMPLETELY different place today!!!

No, actually, she still lives in the same place, but already during my last visit, there was a huge change.

Please read this blog-post before scrolling further down. 


read it first 


Well, I found out some more bits of information on this last trip that made me even happier about stepping out to help her:

Her late husband came from a Muslim family.
 After his death she was to become her husband's brother's wife, according to Muslim tradition.
But since she was a Christian, she refused this.

As a result, she was ostracized from the whole family.

She really was in a VERY HARD place when I met her!!!

TODAY, she has HOPE for a future as a seamstress with a sewing machine.

God is also restoring the relationships with her husband's family.
They respect her and are starting to be involved in her and her children's lives.

This is SOOO COOOOL and I am in AWE of what GOD has done!!!

She recently gave her testimony to a group of women who are still in great poverty and desperation and her encouragement made them all cry...

Don't get me wrong:

Lydia is still struggling to feed her kids,

I am still committed to {somehow} paying her 3 children's school fees for 2 years,

she'll need some time to develop her skill and build up a business
and she is longing for a decent place to live.

But she has HOPE!!!

Have a look at Lydia last week, as she was sewing bags for me to bring back home.

Her (female) pastor has allowed her to keep the sewing machine at her place and work there, too, 
as she can't work from her tiny rented room without windows.

She is hard-working and very motivated.

Look at the beautiful bags as she was bringing them to me on my last day in the Jinja-area!

I will try to sell them and the profit will help pay off the loan for the sewing machine.

Actually, come to think of it:

If you'd like to buy one, email me and I'll send you one.

Anywhere in the world!

They are light and the postage won't be much.

There is only one model

 - reversible - 

with a pocket for cell-phone/keys

straight from the beautiful continent of AFRICA!

INCLUDING the very special smell of smoke coming from the charcoal fire that food gets prepared on (will go away with washing)!


The cost for one bag:



13 Euro

(plus shipping)

Leilani already snatched the first one from me as soon as I arrived back home.

Only 14 left...

Oh well, if this story {hopefully the first of many more to come!} didn't make your day  -

it sure made mine!

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