Monday, March 19, 2012

Some mighty beautiful school-kids for ya!

While my heart is about to burst with blog-posts,
I'll refrain myself and take it slowly...

For today, just a lil treat with a couple of short video-clips from Praise's school, started just over a month ago..

Explanations are on the vimeo site where the videos are.

AND - an excerpt from an email Praise sent me last week, after I told her I had arrived back home safely but my heart was pained with all that I saw and witnessed in Uganda.

I just LOVE her heart!

"I know my sister, Africa makes me cry too though i live in it but
what people pass through here also make me cry tho i'm an African
too but i know where there is God, there is hope that one day one time
God will hear the cry of His people here and things will change."
THANK YOU if you have prayed for Praise's situation (see last post) or given!
EVERY prayer and EVERY gift counts!
So far, close to NZ$700 (US$500) have been either given or pledged. 
I'm so excited as I know what JOY and RELIEF this will mean for Praise! 

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