Monday, July 30, 2007


While we were in Taupo, I was telling Rich - once again - that I really needed a winter coat! This is my third winter without one. And as I was speaking, we walked by this store that was selling winter coats and had a huge sale going on.

After an hour or so trying on all these coats, we found one we both liked and felt to buy it. We didn't really have the money for it, but it was a necessity and so we went ahead and charged it to our credit card. It was an incredible deal - 60 or 70% off the normal price!

Guess what happened this afternoon while I was feeding Shayden?
This lady from our church knocked at our door and dropped off an envelope with some money. She said that it wasn't from her, but from an "angel", and off she was.

When I looked inside the envelope, I was sooooo blessed! The money was just about exactly what we'd payed for the coat. WOW!!!! All I can say is, "THANK YOU, LORD!!!"

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