Monday, December 20, 2010

AMAZING people!

After writing about several tragic situations we came across in Uganda, I'd now like to brag about some absolutely AMAZING people who are making a difference:

Today, meet Judith and Fred:They have been serving with Youth With a Mission in Uganda (and other African nations) for 10 years.
Judith started reaching out to the women in the community - the ones you would've been reading about - 2 years ago.

She visits them, encourages them, prays for them, tries to help them in whichever way she can, shares her food with them and whatever else she can spare (she and her family don't have much either - she has 4 small children and adopted her orphaned niece who's now 12 - she also does the accounting for the YWAM base - no salary, though)

She started a support group that meets weekly, called "Women of Hope" and also a weekly support group for HIV+ women

The photo below was taken during one of these meetings - many can't make it to the meetings because they are too sick to walk there - she likes to offer them some water and bread whenever she's got money to buy the bread - they always come hungry and thirsty - even the children in the photo are HIV+

She's got such a compassionate heart for these ladies and their children and has gained their trust and friendship! She is a JEWEL and SUCH a blessing for them!!! Even though she can't help financially (hardly at all), her love has already made such a difference in their lives!

It's her birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDITH!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!

Her husband Fred is trained in community development and together, they are developing a plan to see the community around the YWAM base transformed!

He told us, "They are stuck. They aren't able to help themselves. They need a kick-start and then they can work towards becoming self-sufficient."

We would love to partner with them to get this transformation under way!
The 2 of them are perfect for doing the hands-on work.
They "just" need partners - mostly in finances, but also prayers!

Judith sent me the photo below since we got back.
I had given her a bag of clothing etc I had brought with me and left it for her - told her it was for her and her family.
She passed most everything on to these ladies:

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