Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy birthday, Richard junior!

Dear son,

Today is your birthday - you are turning 20! WOW!

I hope and pray that this will be a special day for you and that you would feel the LOVE of GOD for you in a very tangible way! We will try and call you in a few minutes. Hopefully it'll work today!

Words cannot express the LOVE that is in my heart towards you, our Ugandan son!
Meeting you 1 month ago, after many years of letters and photo exchanges, would DEFINITELY be the highlight of the year for me!!!

Remember this? We had such a great time with you on that first evening together!

I think of you every day and pray for you every morning and evening!
I always pray that it won't rain in the night, as I know that your grandma's place where you're staying at the moment, gets flooded when it rains.
I'm so sorry about that - and wish that something could be done to fix that!

I miss you so much that my heart aches!!!

Meeting you was WONDERFUL - but we had WAY too little time with each other!!!
2 days just weren't enough - at all!!!!!!!!!

Texting you every few days - and calling every so often also isn't enough ~ ~ ~

I long for the time that we can spend more time with each other ~ ~ ~

Get to know you better

Hear more about your story

Your joys, pains and aspirations

Wrap our arms around you and love on you

Shower you with our affection

Laugh with you

Have fun with you

You are such a blessing, Richard!
We are so privileged having YOU as our son!
We feel totally honoured that you would consider us your parents, your family!

We love your tender spirit,
your expressive way of communicating
the gestures you make while you speak
the way you are asking questions
and listening
the way you lean on Dad when you sit next to him
the way you put your hand on his leg

You're so affectionate and WE LOVE YOU!


A place lights up when you come into it!
There's something about you, how can I say it -
It's like you SHINE!
GOD definitely shines through you!
We are so proud of you and who you are!!!

I know that this letter won't reach you in time for your birthday.
You will probably only get it in a month or so.
Dad and I want to let you know that we're SOOOO THANKFUL that you were born, that our paths crossed - and that we get to call you our son!

Looking forward to many more memories together,

Lots of love from far-away New Zealand,

Mom and Dad

Richard does not have access to internet and won't read this - but I will be sending him this letter - with a few adjustments and also with the photos of our time together- very soon - just had to share this with somebody - hehe

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