Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet Joyce

How would YOU like to be a widowed grand-mother

and care-taker of 5 grandchildren,

living in a 6 square metre mud hut

that you are renting?

Owing what you can see here:

Sleeping all together on THE "mattress" you see in the photo below (we just arrived to this scene, as the little one was carrying the mattress into the hut for the night)

Not sleep when it's raining, cuz your hut gets flooded?

Not being able to send the children to school?

Eating/drinking only sporadically?

Surrounded by a whole village in similar conditions?

A village called "A well of deep sorrow" - or "A place where nothing good comes from"

YET - Joyce has hope - she is part of a group started by an African YWAMer, Judith - "Women of Hope". Judith has been reaching out to the women in this village for 2 years now,

Leading them to trust in Jesus.

Encouraging them to cry out to Jesus in their distress.

I could see HOPE in Joyce's face -

Whereas the children in the village seemed lifeless - hopeless.

There has GOT TO BE SOMETHING that can be done by the body of Christ to be an answer to this grand-mothers cries!!

I believe so!!!

Joyce with 4 of the 5 grand-children (the left part of what you see is another "room"/"hut" where somebody else lives, the photo just missed the door)

Can't remember if she was HIV+ or not - (a large percentage of the widows and children in the village are)

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